My Will or His Will: 

"Learning To Live a Life To Surrender" & "Who is Your GPS?" ...Two Terrific Christian Books to order 

Devotional by Stefanie Austin


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About The Author: Stefanie Austin


Stefanie Austin is a devoted woman of God who is passionate about sharing the gospel.  As a single parent of three lovely daughters and grandmother God has provided for her increase as a healthcare professional, entrepreneur, author, speaker,  life group and servant leader.  Stefanie is always spreading the gospel about the love of Jesus Christ.


Stefanie wrote her first book "My Will or His Will" at the beginning of 2020 and published it at the start of COVID-19, a very risky opportunity as the world closed their doors due to the CoronaVirus.  She additionally forged ahead being inspired by God's love, as she says His "unconditional love" with an alabaster box of a perfume treasure called "Speechless Eau de Parfum by Elyse".   "Speechless" was launched at the start of the Mother's Day holiday. 


In December 2020, River Walk Publishing LLC published the 2nd edition which ranked in the Top Best Sellers and #1 Hot New Release.   In the same month, Stefanie launched for men her new cologne called "Blue Solice by Elyse".   In February 2021, She launched and earned #1 New Release in several categories and  #1 Best Seller on Amazon with her second MWHW title, "Who is Your GPS?"


Follow Stefanie on the following social media mediums.  The Instagram page is @mywillorhiswill, the Facebook page is My Will or His Will, and the Twitter is @mywillorhiswill.  Please request below to inquire about her speaker availability by emailing

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