Have you ever taken a drive in your car to an address using a Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) device? What was the purpose of the GPS? It's designed to deliver you to your destination in the shortest route possible. The reality is sometimes we get sidetracked and get terribly lost. God offers us His very own GPS as standard equipment when we turn our lives over to Him. “My Will or His Will: Who is Your GPS?” explores how do you tap into the Holy Spirit, without fail, during the best of times or the worst of times. Biblical hero David offers “for the Lord watched over the path of the Godly, but the path of the wicked leads to destruction.” Does this mean God’s got your back even through the worst storms? Our spiritual GPS certainly isn't programmed to make sure we get everything we want in life. It's programmed to draw us near to God, and to help us walk in the purpose that He has for us. We need to know the direction God has for us. “My Will or His Will: Who is Your GPS?” addresses the common concerns people have as they wonder if God is in control or if we are in control.

My Will or His Will Book: Who is Your GPS?

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